December 18

Our Christmas Fun Night and Fundraising Draw will be on Friday night,Dec. 18th.

Canskate kids will be on the ice during their normal Friday time slot (i.e.6:10 – 7pm).  However, we would like you to arrive early that evening (around 5:30pm) as we are planning to have cake and hot chocolate for the skaters.  While your children are enjoying their Christmas treat, we will have the Jr/Sr skaters performing to Christmas Carols.  Our Jr/Sr skaters need a few opportunities during the year to practice their routines for testing and competition and they certainly benefit from having an audience.  Thanks for your help and Enjoy the Show!

Canskaters should go to the dressing rooms during the flood around 6pm to put their skates on.  Parents and siblings are invited to join the canskaters on the ice.  We will also be having Santa join us for a quick visit!

Also, we will be drawing the winners for the fundraising prizes during the event, probably around 6:15Please put your ticket stubs in the brown box in the music room by Monday, Dec. 14.

Jr/Sr will go on at 4:30 as usual.  Around 5:30 we will do the Christmas Demos.

See you at the Rink!

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